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Discover a past life with hypnosis

Valleywide Hypnosis Arizona and Past Life Regression

Past life regression is the belief, while under Hypnosis, you can visit via a central mental stored bank, experiences and emotions from past lives to correct or change disturbances of past lives to correct current ailments. PLR is a safe and effective method of working on current conditions that may have been caused by past lives, or for spiritual enjoyment and knowledge.

Past life regression is typically done for one or two reason. First it can be an attempt to correct emotional, psychological, or psychosomatic problems ranging in degree and severity. Second (PLR) it can be used for those who are curious for a spiritual reason and would like to know who, what and where they were in a past life.

PLR sessions are conducted by a trained and certified past life regression specialist at Valleywide Hypnosis. The client is first induced into a state Hypnosis and regressed backward in age. The client is asked to create a safe zone that will allow them to quickly access a zone that is both mentally and visually appealing. This is done as a precaution should any past experience or life become to intense. Also the Hypnotherapist will always be aware of your physical cues, and will determine with the assistance of your subconscious responses if an event or emotion is destructive or not productive to your current existince. In this case the Hypnotherapist will ask your subconscious mind to forget or not allow this experience to affect your mind or body.

Next the client is instructed to go back past the point of birth; this is an opportunity to discover what lay behind birth, and journey into one, or multiple of your past lives. Typically during a therapeutic session the Hypnotherapist will look for, and ask for clues to discover the association between your current situation and how or why it is affected by your past life.

In spiritual session the Hypnotherapist will ask you to look around and explain where you are, what environment you see, and ask questions pertaining to your past life, in between lives, and current life.

Valleywide Hypnosis is certified to practice past life regression, and past life regression therapy for current illness, pain or for spiritual reasons. Past life regression therapy is conducted in my office and typically take from 1 – 1 ½ hours.

Published Reports along with my direct experience have shown that past life regression can be extremely useful in treating current issues or psychological problems. PLR for most people elicit extremely vivid images and feeling of well being, as well as assisting to answer questions about past lives.





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