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Overcome Addiction with Hypnosis

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Hypnosis for addiction


Suggesting or asking someone to use willpower alone to stop activities that their body considers natural often is not strong enough to free them from the addiction.

It is the conscious mind that recognizes the negative aspects and consequences of fueling their addiction but is unable to stop the habit cycle.

Typically a person wants their conscious to do the heavy lifting when making the appropriate choice when making decision like not taking a drug or abusing alcohol. Unfortunately, the pleasure that the drugs create along with the incredible pain of withdrawal combine for a cocktail that is to powerful for the conscious mind alone to overrule its subconscious partner and quit the addictive drug.

Suppose you had a tool that could access an even greater power within your own mind. This is called your subconscious. Often a person everyday actions and decision, although seemingly made by the conscious mind, are actually determined by the beliefs in their subconscious mind. For instance if you really wanted to overcome a particular addiction, but subconsciously convinced yourself that this would be extremely hard to do, you may find it incredibly difficult to quit, or may experience a relapse in and continue the habit. Your subconscious beliefs and comfort zone completely undermine your conscious desires, and at times completely take over free will and decisions your conscious mind knows are correct.


No matter how much will power you have your subconscious minds desire to satisfy its habit will win every time. Think of a smoker that you know, how many times have attempted to quit or cut down only to have a stressful situation bring the habit right back. With the power of Hypnosis many are able to quit smoking, and maintain smoke free for a lifetime by changing their perception and beliefs about smoking. Drug addiction is a more powerful subconscious cue that can test the resilience of the conscious mind, the power of Hypnosis can effectively assist with overcoming the addiction.

Once your belief structure is altered to one where you can envision a life without the harmful drug or alcohol and repetition and habit are desensitized, you can effectively start taking control over and managing the addiction until complete eradication.

Hypnosis can assist with the physical feeling of addiction as well as supplying the much needed confidence you will need in order to quite and change your life. Hypnosis and positive self talk are key when you are trying to control addiction, because your subconscious mind will need your total strenght and positive reasurance that everything will be okay after so much abuse to your body and mind.

Hypnosis also assists with ending your addiction in another key way. Just as the brain becomes addicted and searches out ways to induce pleasure, there is also the innate urge to avoid anything that undermines your health and survival. Hypnotherapy can tap into that subconscious survival mechanism and override the pleasure system within the brain by creating and urgent primary desire to move toward health and and away from life threatening addictions.

Often the addictive cycle of an individual is created earlier in life either through trauma or from learned experiences from tragedies, abuse or parents that were addicts. Unresolved issues and stress can create the urge or desire to escape into something that eases the pain and suffering. The use of Hypnosis practiced by our clinical Hypnotherapist, utilize many modalities to effectively work through your addiction. Because addiction is such a personal condition we will work with each client to ensure a complete interview and reasons for the addiction are found and dealt with. The overall outcome with the hypnotic procedures, are that drugs, addictive behavior, and alcohol are no longer needed to turn to because of past or future situations.

Those that are currently struggling through overcoming or are working through addictions should call us to set up an appointment today. Today is a great day of beginning your journey of becoming addiction and drug free, and finally living the life you want to live.

*Please consult your physician if your addiction has reached a medically important degree where intervention and or medically guided rehabilitation is needed.




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