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Start a New Beginning with Hypnotherapy

Throw out the pills and roller coaster diets and reduce weight naturally. Hypnosis can help you achieve you perfect weight.

Stop Smoking in 90 minutes for good with our powerful Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis program. Get rid of an old habit you no longer enjoy.

Do you want to be the best that your potential has to offer? Supercharge your skills or get back to being you with our sports hypnosis.

Hypnosis is effective for many of your self improvement goals like public speaking and confidence, take a look at our other services.

Valleywide Hypnosis the premier hypnosis center for weight loss, habit correction such as quitting smoking as well as business and self improvement in the Scottsdale area.

We believe in our clients and it shows through our success rate and referrals. We take a personal approach with each client to map out how Hypnosis can help you make the changes you desire. Find out more about us here.

Nina Lavesons a certified Hypnotherapist and Chief Hypotherapist at Valleywide Hypnosis and Wellness Centers located in Scottsdale Arizona.

Nina's effective blend of Hypnotherapy and her personal and dedicated approach to helping his clients have created many successful changes in peoples lives. Find out more about Nina and her unique approach to Hypnotherapy and your success.

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We take your success seriously. We know that you have quite a few options out there and we want you to recognize the changes you desire. Often people come to Hypnosis as a "last resort" or because everything else has failed so we take our responsibility seriously.

We have great track record of success, and instead of showing you random quotes from random people we conducted an optional / anonymous poll to see how effective we were. The results are stunning and humbling. Click Here to see the poll.

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04-7-2012  |  12 Comments

We recently ran an anonymous poll to find out what our real success rate is and how effective we have been. We typically hear from the successful clients, but what about everyone else? Click here to find out the poll results.


04-10-2012  |  12 Comments